My Photo Journey: Visiting the Beginnings of the Slave Trade|Dakar, SENEGAL

My trip to Senegal was a life impacting experience.  I got the opportunity to experience the history of so many of our ancestors from the starting point… the shores of Africa.  To learn about the beginnings of the African Slave … Continue reading

Who are Afro-Latinos?

Shout out to Enrique Iglesias and the producers of his “Bailando (English Version)” video for spot lighting Afro-Latina dancers or, at the least, dancers that look Afro-Latino with their naturally curly afro hair.  It would be befitting as they filmed the … Continue reading

It’s July 4th! Happy Independe… *Pause*

I was about to post on Facebook today “Happy Independence Day!”… and then I paused.  Every year the 4th of July comes and I mindlessly wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. Not today though.  Today I chose to question myself:  … Continue reading