Sky scrapers and Mountains|HONG KONG

Hong Kong reminds me of a smaller, more condensed version of New York with mountains as a back drop.  It is really a sight to see these towering skyscrapers and in between them you can see the high peaked mountains behind.  It’s as if the skyscrapers are trying to compete with the mountains!  It’s just as congested as NY if not more, filled with vehicles, taxis and peoples of all types of nationalities packed in a very condensed place.  It’s just as expensive as NY too!  You don’t have to worry about getting around as an English speaker.  Though so many signs and words are written in Cantonese, almost everyone speaks English. What I didn’t know about Hong Kong is that though it is geographically a part of China it is not run as a Chinese state.  It was once colonized by the British. Hong Kong has its own separate currency:  the Hong Kong Dollar. It has its own language: Cantonese NOT Mandarin (get it right because some Hong Kongese take it personal!).  It has its own government and its own police force.   Here’s a video below that better explains that difference.

As of now, many more countries are able to travel to Hong Kong without a visa for a certain amount of days (according to the specific country) than with mainland China. Nonetheless, Hong Kong is fascinating! We stayed on Hong Kong Island.  During the afternoon of the first day we “explalked” the city taking pictures of everything!  Parts of the city reminded me of Chinatown in NY but better.  Much more of Cantonese culture on display though.

Left:  Lippo Center Towers Right: View from my hotel room and Ting Kau Bridge

Left: Lippo Center Towers
Right: View from my hotel room and Ting Kau Bridge


HK4 In the evening we took a taxi to The Peak Tram and took a small tram up the steep slope of of the islands tallest mountain, Victoria Peak.  It slowly creeped up the mountain side, and as we slowly elevated above the trees and buildings , we could eventually see the Hong Kong skyline.  It’s awesome in the day but to me, it’s even more amazing in the evening!  You get to see all the lights of the city and skyscrapers!

View from the Peak Tower

View from the Peak Tower

Early in the morning on the second day we took the “Star” ferry across Victoria Harbour to Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and visited the Hong Kong Museum of Art and did some more explalking.

Star Ferry ride and views from Tsim Sha Tsui

Star Ferry ride and views from Tsim Sha Tsui


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