Paris, I have returned! Cette fois: Notre Dame|FRANCE

This time around my cousin took me to the Ile de la Cite, one of the two natural islands in the middle of Paris which happens to be the home of the infamous Notre Dame Cathedral.  When I’m in Paris I do not get to take as much pictures as I would like when site seeing because I’m so busy spending quality time with my French family.  However, I was able to take some shots this time around and my cousin was able to catch some shots also.  Might I add the weather was wonderful once again in Paris and the city was bustling with tourists and locals, bringing out the excitement of exploring the city.

Paris is one of those cities in the world that always exudes a vintage charm specifically with the old European architecture that remains.  It’s definitely a modern city but has still managed to maintain its traditional Parisian feel.  I enjoy being there every time I go!

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris

Top Left:  Centre Georges Pompidou

Top Left: Centre Georges Pompidou

Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville

Random Paris Selfie

Random Paris Selfie

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