The UAE’s First Female Pilot to hold a Commercial License

The UAE’s First Female Pilot to hold a Commercial License

I had the privilege of meeting and conversing with Huda Al Musallami, an inspirational women and pioneer in her own right after a flight to Italy which she flew.  I was so excited to talk to her and ask her about her journey and what it was like.  Of course she had to deal with the scrutiny and skepticism of others, especially as a Muslim woman from a traditionally Islamic country.  However, she persevered, worked hard, stood tall against all adversities and achieved her goal.  She mentioned that she was never looking for fame or notoriety, all she wanted to do was follow her dream to become a pilot… and now, she is living her dream!  I am so proud of her and the UAE for embracing the skills, talents and intelligence of their women, giving them a platform to exhibit them and breaking down the barriers of gender limitations.  Kudos UAE and congratulations First Officer Al Musallami!


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