Happily Mismatching in Melbourne|AUSTRAILIA

I didn’t realize how cold it was going to be in Melbourne.  I thought since it was February in the northern hemisphere and quite cold that it would obviously be summer in the Southern Hemisphere.  I was so confident about it, I didn’t even do my normal weather check before packing.  Well… I was wrong! And that’s what I get! It wasn’t freezing but the high was in the 60’s which was not at all what I expected.  Thank goodness the wiser half of my conscience made me throw a jean jacket and a cardigan in my suitcase just in case.  Of course, when I threw in the jacket and cardigan I thought I wouldn’t need them and I was just over packing as usually.  Something in me knew better and I’m grateful to that second voice.  **angelic music in the background**

So, I only found out how cool the weather was when I stepped outside with summer clothes on and it was way too breezy and brisk. I ran right back up to the room for jeans and the cardigan to put under my jean jacket.  Initially, my shoes didn’t “match” with my shirt but I thought “What the hec! I like the look. It doesn’t have to match.” Then putting on the cardigan made it more “mismatched” but I liked how the cardigan looked under the jean jacket and over the shirt. Plus, It matched a bit with my shoes.  Then I thought “It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s cold outside. Keeping warm is much more important.” So I left it at that and headed down to Flinder”s Street for some early dinner and shopping.

After a good afternoon of some “me time” in Melbourne I ended the evening a little earlier than expected but before leaving Flinders Street, I ran into one more shop that had an “Everything Must Go!” sale. Me and a couple of other bargain hunters were in the small shop rummaging through the remains trying to see if anything good was left.  I didn’t like the clothes but they did have purses.  I had forgotten my purse at home and was using a Walgreens “green” bag as a substitute (which definitely didn’t match my outfit but I had no choice!). I searched through the purses and bags they had left and found a bright pink and brown bag which was marked down to the price of $10 (ten Aussie dollars that is). I liked it!  However, the first thought that popped up in my head was “It’s not going to match. Go for one of the black or brown ones.”  But then me #2 thought “The other bags are ugly and cheap looking and I LIKE THIS ONE!”  After a back and forth thought battle with me #1 and me #2, we mutually agreed that if I like it and it’s on a “bananas” sale for $10, JUST GET IT! And I did!… AAAND, I wore it out of the store… and I liked it and the whole outfit!

While walking back to the tram stop I kept wondering why did I even waste my time caring if the purse matched or not. What did it matter anyway? What was I trying to prove and to whom was I trying to prove it?

Why do we allow pesky, learned concepts ruin moments of simplistic joy? In addition, why do we think the way we do and do what we do?

I had to ask myself, ” Self, WHY does it have to match? There is not rule that says you have to match all the time.” Then I told myself, “Self, you do not have to match every time! Break out of that habitual thinking!”  If you like it, wear it! BE FREE! Don’t let little things like this frustrate you and waste your time! Be you! You don’t wear it for people, you wear it for you because YOU like it! Enjoy and embrace individuality.”

Many of us don’t even realize how we are controlled by small but ingrained notions.  Many times, we don’t even know why we live by certain notions or beliefs about certain things but all we know is that’s what we were taught and “that’s how it goes.”

Reader, I’m saying all this because I want you to consider WHY you do what you do and does the way you think at times keep you from, just… enjoying life?  Knowing “why” can be the difference between an uptight, agitated and frustrating way of living and being free and at peace with yourself.  It can be the difference between living to just make other people happy and being happy yourself.

Sometimes the smallest change in perception can have the biggest impact on your life.

Take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. The simple things that put a smile on our faces, make us happy, put us in a good mood and humble us and make us grateful are plentiful.  Unfortunately, a lot of times we get in the way and cause ourselves to miss out on these moments.


* * *

Below are pics from my former trip to Melbourne.  The weather was quite more pleasant then but I forgot my camera and had to use my IPad.

Flinder's Street Station and Federation Square

Flinder’s Street Station and Federation Square

Melbourne transportation

Melbourne transportation

Left: Artistic piece on Flinder's Street.   Top Right: Street art with the word "Cheers" at the bottom corners of the his artist peace.  "Cheers" is the equivalent of "Thank You" in Austrailia. Bottom Right: Flinder's Street performer

Left: Artistic piece on Flinder’s Street.
Top Right: Street art with the word “Cheers” at the bottom corners of the his artist peace. “Cheers” is the equivalent of “Thank You” in Austrailia.
Bottom Right: Flinder’s Street performer

Southbank Theater.  The exterior was quite cool!

Southbank Theater. The exterior was quite cool!

View from Southbank Promenade

View from Southbank Promenade


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