Frustrating Welcome to WordPress|London During the Olympics

So this is my first post and I can only hope that it somehow gets posted and someone’s eyes get’s to see it.  I am fully frustrated after about 4 hours of trying to initiate this blog and trying to create menus and everything else that comes along with making a blog.  I JUST WANT TO SHARE MY THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES!  Why does it have to be so hard. **sigh** Thanks to WordPress anyways for giving me the “space” to express my thoughts, share my experiences and pictures and, basically, vent when I have too.  God knows I need to vent right now. Got a lot of stress on my chest…  but I will leave that for another post.  Not on the first one.  Don’t want to scare anyone away.  lol.

Here is the official first posting, of many to come, in regards to my travel experiences.

LONDON TOWN (2nd trip):

Didn’t even have to work to get this trip.  It was like a one day vacation.  Which works out well because instead of 12 hours in London, I got a full 24 hours… in the Summer time… during the Olympics!  No complaints here.  However, I didn’t take into consideration that… it’s the Olympics! The insane amounts of people in London made the experience exciting but a bit uncomfortable.  I just felt that somehow, somewhere, at a world event like this, some “terrorist” would try to blow up something!   Fortunately, nothing of the sort happened.  Ironically, I did run into persons who would – how should I say –  fit the Western world’s stereotype of who “terrorists” are: Muslims.   There were a lot of them scattered here and there wearing yellow t-shirts with some thought provoking question… of which I can’t remember.  It seemed like they were doing Islamic evangelism.  That was the first time I saw anything of the sort.  Then two young, male Muslims approached me and started asking me about God and what I believed in.  I told them I was a follower of Christ and then they tried to convince me of my deceit through the ever-so-tired approach of using the Koran to disprove the Bible and the divinity of Christ… and blazay blah.  Yet, the whole scenario had me thinking.  They believe what they believe and I believe what I believe and we can spend all day trying to convince each other that what the other believes is wrong and, most likely, none of us would be swayed to either one’s belief.  So I started to think:

Why do I believe what I believe and what makes God REAL to me and not just some mythological being? At the end of it all one has to experience God for oneself to know that He is REAL and to believe in a certain set of morals and truths. 

So I asked the gentlemen what makes God real to them and why do they believe what they believe.  “Well the Koran says…”  was the beginning of the first one’s response.  I stopped him before he could complete his statement and I told him that it’s easy to tell me what the Koran says and what the Bible says because religion has taught us to fight for our faith by the words of these books.  However, putting aside what we have been taught and the words of these holy books, my question is “Have you experienced God for yourself?” One of the gentlemen remained silent while one tried to convince me that the “experiences” that I may be referring to are based on emotion and you can’t base your belief on God on emotions but truth (which I agreed with to an extent but it didn’t answer my question.) I told him that according to both the Bible and the Koran, Jesus and Mohammed experienced God supernaturally for themselves thus the reason they are seen as the main figures of the religions that they are ascribed to.  I explained to the young men that I want to experience God for myself in a similar manner.  That’s my desire and the path I’ve taken in my life.  Not just to go by Jesus’ and Mohammed’s words but to experience similar to what they did so I, too, can believe and live like them.  I then informed the gentlemen that if they can’t share with me why God is real to them our conversation is futile.  I prefer to encounter God.  I’m tired of just hearing about Him.  They tried returning to the Koran and it’s content for a response but then their voices faded out as they spoke.  I shook their hands, told them thank you for the conversation and that I hoped they will find truth as they continue on their quest for it.  We then parted ways with a smile.

Now, in regards to the rest of my trip, I used the day, with a couple of my colleagues, to explore London.  Using the over ground and underground (the Tube) transportation – the over ground coming to a halt because of technical problems and forcing us to take a bus –  we first saw Big Ben, then the London Eye and basically strolled around like tourists taking pictures of everything else along the way, as you will see in the pictures below with additional pictures from the short trip. However, my day was only complete when I departed from my colleagues to go visit my granddad who was more than happy to see me after 5 years.

DSC_0071- DSC_0025sm DSC_0075-DSC_0052- DSC_0043-DSC_0070-DSC_0071-


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